If you are new to solar and renewable energy it is easy to feel confused about how the technology works.  More than that, there are policies and procedures one must adhere to, and these are ever-changing.  The good news is that we have been in this industry for some time now, so we are well versed on what’s necessary from start to finish and we are happy to guide you through this exciting solar journey!

To get you started, we have provided some articles, information and links on this page.  If you still have questions just fill out the form by selecting, the Contact Us link at the top of this page.

Qualifications:  What are Axium Solar’s qualifications? 

Project Gallery:  A small example of jobs Axium Solar has done.

Careers:  Is Axium Solar hiring?

Solar Service & Asset Management – When you need assistance with your solar array

Squirrel Problem?:  What to do to prevent squirrels from chewing on the electrical of your solar array.

Solar Power Rocks:  The ultimate guide to powering your home with solar.

Be Solar Smart Checklist:  A checklist for residential consumers considering solar energy.

How Does PV Technology Work?:  This SEIA published article explains it.

List of Solar Energy Incentives:  On DSIRE’s site.  Contains clickable map so you can easily find incentives where you live.

How To Be More Energy Efficient:  Steps you can take to be more “green” at home