Axium Solar understands that going solar is a big decision. Whether someone is motivated by saving money or reducing their carbon footprint, Axium Solar offers quality photovoltaic solutions, customized for both commercial and residential customers. Since our inception over 30 years ago, we’ve made experience, reliability and quality the foundation of our services, and today we still serve by these principles. When customers are ready to transition to solar, we’ll walk them through the process from start to finish, and our knowledgeable, accredited staff will ensure the project is completed above industry standards.

Services & Information

solar energy


Solar for Business

Commercial, industrial, large corporations, small business, municipalities, school districts, and community solar projects


Residential Solar

Go solar with no money down, save on your electric bill, generate your own renewable energy, financing available


Turnkey Design, Construction & Service

We work with owners, architects, engineers, contractors & permitting entities to facilitate all phases of the project lifecycle

Solar Energy Storage

Battery storage enhances your solar investment by allowing you to take advantage of the extra energy you create


O&M Services

O & M Services

Regular maintenance and preventative action, for both business and residential, keeps your solar asset functioning optimally.

Project Gallery

View a few of the many solar installations we have completed, along with their project profiles


Our Qualifications

We hold several licenses and we have several awards, but our experience makes us one of the best local solar panel contractors



We will guide you through the sometimes confusing realm of solar energy tax incentives and rebates




There is so much to learn once you decide to become energy independent. We’ve put together some information for you