Protect Your Investment with Axium Solar’s World Class Solar Service Team. We offer…

 Preventative Maintenance

Annual, biannual or quarterly site visits to verify on-site performance via visual inspection, measurement and verification.  Cleaning services, vegetation and wildlife management also available.                

Corrective Maintenance

Rapid response to address failed or failing system components.

Condition Based Maintenance

Hire Axium Solar to respond to system issues when performance falls outside of established parameters.

Removal and Reinstallation

Axium Solar is the one to trust when you need to remove and reinstall your solar array due to roof damage or repairs.



Our Qualifications

  • Dedicated service team
  • Factory trained
  • Licensed electricians


What Our Customers Are Saying…

“The guys from Axium did a great job removing our 44 panel roof top system so we could put on a new roof. They then reinstalled the system after the roof was replaced. They were a dream company to deal with.”  -Libby Perry

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