Axium Solar Appointed as a Tesla Energy Authorized Reseller

Our technicians have become Certified Installers for the Tesla Powerwall so that we can bring streamlined energy storage to your home!


Tesla’s batteries can be used in wide variety of applications, including to complement solar energy management systems and provide a backup power supply:

Self-Consumption of Solar Energy
The Powerwall may be used to increase the amount of solar energy a home directly consumes. This function commonly involves charging the battery during times when solar production exceeds local load, and discharging the battery when local loads exceed solar production. Optionally, this scenario can be designed to limit or prevent export of solar energy to the grid.

The Powerwall may be used to provide backup power to a home or small business. The backup function can be tied to solar for multiple charge/recharge cycles during the outage, or offered as stand-alone, in which case it provides one full discharge during an outage. The Powerwall does not provide Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) level backup.

Intentional Islanding
In conjunction with an island-capable inverter, the Powerwall may be used to intentionally island a residential solar installation during a grid outage, allowing solar to remain active, feeding Powerwall and backed up circuits.

Grid Services
In conjunction with a compatible inverter, the Powerwall may be used to provide services to the grid in response to signals sent from the utility, ISO, or other grid service provider.

Load Shifting
The Powerwall may be used to shift local energy consumption from one point in time to another. This function is typically tied to changes in the price of electricity for given times of use.

Peak Shaving (also known as: Demand Reduction)
In markets with residential and/or light commercial demand charges, the Powerwall and a compatible inverter may be used to shave, or reduce power demand present on the utility meter, by discharging energy which was stored at a time with less power demand.



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