Axium Solar is The One to Trust When It Comes To Removing & Reinstalling Your Solar Array

Whether you are updating your roof, have received storm damage or want to take your array with you when you move, you need professionals  

Hail damaged rooftops in Wylie, Texas area are covered with tarps on Thursday, April 14, 2016. (Credit: Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News)

“Axium Solar employees remove and reinstalled the Solar panels without any problem. The employees were very cooperative and well experienced.   My wife and I appreciated them very much. Job well done. Thank you very much.”

-Vijay Chokshi

“The guys from Axium did a great job removing our 44 panel roof top system so we could put on a new roof. They then reinstalled the system after the roof was replaced. They were a dream company to deal with.”

-Libby Perry

If You Need Your Solar Array Removed (& Reinstalled)

The Process in 6 Easy Steps

1.)  If you’ve received storm damage, contact your homeowner’s insurance.  A representative from your insurance company will visit and perform an inspection.

2.)  Contact a roofer to schedule an inspection – The roofer will provide you with an estimate for the roof repairs. 

3.)  Contact Axium Solar – Send us copies of the photos, the original drawings if you have them, and provide us with information about your array. Note:  Some people prefer to hire the roofer to act as the general contractor for everything.  Axium Solar does not contract to others for this type of work; we will work with the homeowner directly.  This way you can save yourself some money and avoid markup for services that aren’t necessary. Contact us directly and we’ll provide you with a straight forward estimate!

4.)  Contact your homeowner’s insurance – Submit both estimates.  Once approved…

5.)  Acquire the date that your roofer will begin working – We will remove your array just prior

6.)  Once the roof work has been completed, Axium Solar will reinstall your solar array

Why Trust Axium Solar

1.)  Our certified solar PV technicians and registered electricians will ensure your array is removed and reinstalled correctly, safely and to optimal production.  In fact, the crew who implements new installs also performs the removals/reinstalls and they’ve done over 65 of them!

2.)  We will remove and reinstall your solar array even if we did not originally install it. 

3.)  We will fully inspect your system prior to removal. 

4.)  If applicable, we will make repairs to equipment prior to reinstall.

5.)  If you are moving locally, we can move your array and reinstall it at the new location.  If you are moving out of the Texas area, we will break down your array so you can easily transport it.


This is A Good Time To:  Consider adding Critter Guard, add additional panels and acquire solar array monitoring