Don’t Let Your Unused Energy Escape to The Grid.. Store it For Future Use!  

Solar energy storage is what everyone is talking about these days. That’s because delivery charges for electricity are forecasted to increase each year.  Battery technology can offset that by helping to lower peak demand and by reducing delivery charges.  


How Battery Storage May Benefit You:

Solar energy storage (also known as “energy harvesting”) enhances your solar investment and your ability to help save the environment!

Instead of sending the excess energy you’ve created to the grid, keep it for yourself and offset the electricity you would otherwise use when the sun is not shining!

You won’t be in the dark during power outages when you have energy storage.

Enhancing your solar setup with battery storage allows you to save even more money!

Strive for Net Zero!



What Kind of Battery is For You?

The best battery for your system depends on several factors.  Whether you manage a large warehouse or own a small business or you are interested in harvesting energy at home, we’ve got a solution for you.

We have relationships with vendors in the energy storage sector, including Sonnen and Tesla Energy.

Let us know your needs and we’ll be happy to guide you through what makes sense for your setup.


Energy Harvesting & Storage is a Part of Our Future:

Here is a great article by Solar Professional.  It provides detailed information and discussion about residential energy storage economics.  Click here

Investment in energy storage vital if renewables to achieve full potential

Report: Installed energy storage capacity expected to reach 21.6 GW in 2025

A bill has been introduced that, if passed, will allow households and businesses that purchase energy storage systems for their property to be eligible for a 30 percent tax credit.

Energy storage could soon be mandated, not just incentivized – click here