Protect Your Array From Critters

A few customers have experienced squirrels and other rodents making homes in their solar arrays, so we decided to research how a solar investment can be protected from these cute, but somewhat destructive critters.

If wildlife is chewing on your wires you might not know it until it causes a short or it shuts down your entire operation.  This can be a costly issue since these events are not typically covered under manufacturer warranties as they are not a product defect or product malfunction.  Add to that, the loss of productivity and the subsequent increase in your electric bill until the issue is resolved!




First, you should have monitoring in place and you should regularly monitor your array for output.  The monitoring will alert you to issues such as a loss in productivity, down panels, problems with inverters and a host of other things.  If you do not have monitoring and would like to be connected to it, please let us know.


Next, though solar is relatively low maintenance, we have been finding that our customers benefit from an annual inspection.  Our Service Team will inspect every component of your array to ensure integrity.  Even a small loss of output on a panel or two impacts your investment, so it’s important to stay on top of things.  

Critter Guard

Finally, to protect your array from wildlife we recommend you install “Critter Guard”.  It is a weather resistant barrier that prevents pests from reaching the underbelly of the array.  It is made out of .025″ thick aluminum, allows airflow under the array and it’s coated with black polyester.  


As you can see, Critter Guard streamlines the look of your array while also protecting it from rodents.  There is adequate airflow, but the holes are small enough to prevent most leaves from getting trapped in the array which also prevents roof rot.



Axium Solar appreciates you and we want you to experience the best value from your solar, so we are offering:

•Existing customers (for whom we’ve installed an array) will benefit from receiving a greatly discounted whole system checkup with the purchase of critter guard.

•New customers who would like an array installed will benefit from the critter guard being installed along with the array.  Note, you will have the option to opt out if you prefer.

•New customers whose arrays were installed by someone else, but who want the critter guard, will also receive a discounted whole system checkup.

Interested?  Complete this form and let us know!