Last month the Axium Solar employees helped in removal and reinstalling the Solar panels without any problem. The employees were very cooperative and well experienced. 

My wife and I appreciated very much. Job well done. Thank you very much.

-Vijay Chokshi




Axium Solar was professional and reactive to our needs both in set up and in maintenance.

-Sally Riddle



Axium did a great job!

Thank you Federal Republican Congress for passing a bill to extend the Solar Energy Federal Tax Rebate. We took advantage and installed a solar system that will eliminate their electrical bill seven months of the year and cut it in half the other five months. And when the new Tesla battery comes out this year we will be totally “off the grid”. Axium Did a great job! Best of all…Our Texas Republican Congress recently passed a law Prohibiting Texas Home Owners Associations from banning Solar Panels!

-Jim Attrell




Best contractor in DFW area!

The best Solar PV and Wind contractor in the DFW area. If you like renewable energy show your love by liking our page.

-Andrew Whitehead


The guys from Axium did a great job removing our 44 panel roof top system so we could put on a new roof. They then reinstalled the system after the roof was replaced. They were a dream company to deal with.

-Libby Perry




The Axium Solar team installed a 8.3kWh rooftop PV system on my home in Plano, TX ~18 months ago. Their project manager, Andrew Whitehead, and all of the installation team were everything you would hope a contractor would be when dealing with your personal property. I only wish I had room for more panels! I’m as pleased with Axium as I am with my $1.99 electric bill!

-Jeremiah Johnson




These guys are awesome!

-Jade Anderson




I’m proud to be an employee of Axium Solar. I love being part of the world’s solution to alternative energy. This company has an extremely knowledgeable and talented team of employees in engineering, construction and planning of PV systems. I cannot imagine working with any other solar company. I enjoy being able to learn and grow with the new technology as it surfaces and providing my hard work to help complete our customers requests.

-Mark Gerlikovski


We are extremely happy with Axium. – their initial efficiency and cost projection was right on and their work was perfect. Cannot get better than that. Great Job guys!

-Dr. John Haley




In October 2014 Axium solar installed 78 solar panels onto the roof of my Southlake TX home, which was still under construction. I am happy to say the work was done in a timely and professional fashion. The guys at Axium were very helpful and courteous and always had time to answer my questions. They also demonstrated the ability to work on a strict schedule since I had submitted my home to part of the DFW Solar Tour of Homes in October 2014. Incidentally my home was also on the 2015 Solar Tour and everyone was impressed with Axium’s work on the solar panels and the interior equipment installed in my garage.

I have experience dealing with 6 or 7 solar panel installers and my experience with Axium was so much better it is really hard to compare them at all. My sales person was Andrew Whitehead and he was very responsive and professional. He also was able to answer all my questions without being too technical and without talking down to me. Axium handled all the permitting and red tape required to receive the permission required to install solar panels on the roof of my newly constructed home. I felt comfortable choosing Axium for what I thought was a large solar project because they had successfully completed many much larger jobs before and could show me their results. In addition to this, I liked the fact that their company was comprised of master electricians and they did more than just sell and install solar panels which reassured me they were going to be around for the lifetime of my panels. All of this and I got a very competitive bid from them which saved me a lot of money from the one other company that could actually put together a bid when I asked for it. Actually I had to remind the other company multiple times to give me a competitive bid even though they were given ample time to get one to me.

Axium won my business for all these reasons and also because they were willing to go the extra mile. My solar panels have been operating perfectly since they were installed and Axium is just as responsive after the sale as they were before the sale. I strongly recommend Axium for your solar projects.

-Ross Melbourne